The Future of Progressive Broadcasting Begins

with little more than starting a conversation; by taking the time to talk, educate and learn

DMN is the Future of Progressive Broadcasting

The future of progressive broadcasting? That seems like a pretty cocky statement, but, if you’ll allow that the way in which we consume media has changed and evolved in the last several years, the claim becomes less fantastical and more an honest reflection of the evolving world of media.

The Defenestrate Media Network is poised and ready to take advantage of changes in media delivery that are presently the sole province of the Conservative Right Wing (and, to be fair, comedy).

Beginning with our flagship program in 2011: J.M. Bell’s The LEFT Show – DMN set out to change the voice of net-radio. The voice of angry adults, using angry adult words with a wicked sense of humor launched a clarion call of smart, cutting edge political analysis, stealing the stage previously dominated by right-wing radio.

Not two months later, DMBN and The LEFT Show launched two new segments: The Working Family Agenda with Brian Faulkner, an international rep with IATSE and president of the Central Utah Federation of Labor, and Bat Sh@t Crazy, with Jason Williams, a national phenom from MyDD and owner of The Sidetrack, one of the oldest political blogs in Utah.

Growth has a way of flowing unchecked, and, after a a handful of successful remote locations shows, DMN launched Hold 322 with JC Carter, Robert Easton and J.M. Bell – unlike every other show on the DMN, Hold 322 focuses on the alternative lifestyles of yesterday and today’s disenfranchised, progressive Americans … who love Comic Books and Summer Movies, through a weekly look at the comic books JC Carter picks up at his local comic shop.

After only 6 months of operation, Defenestrate Media Network is running 3 shows and two permanent segments with over 100 hours of recorded materials in the archives.

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